We research new concepts and technologies by collaborating and developing work. Here are some of our latest R&D projects

Ordinary Ontologies

What’s in a name? Why defining an ontology is worth it

Visioning Lab has recently launched a new project using generative AI tools (ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini) to develop ontologies (word libraries) for system development.

Ontologies under development and activities include:

  • Metaverse ontology : making a glossary to support the sectors converging around the ‘metaverse’ such as gaming, AR/VR, immersive, digital twins and the built environment, , robotics, IoT and drone/UAV development. Exploring how this ontology can support related digital twin, IoT and National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) standardisation initiatives including the Metaverse Standards Forum and the British Standards Institute as well as government departments such as the Central Data and Digital Office (CDDO).
  • Disaster ontology : making a glossary to support the use of disaster terminology particularly in the development of 3D environments and other simulations spaces with an initial focus on flooding. This builds on our Flood Games Initiative where we explored how to connect flooding and 3D specialists to effectively simulate real-world disasters.
  • Relationship ontology : what if love was the new paradigm for modern society? As cultures around the world search for a new path through environmental degradation, social breakdown, constricting technological structures and the consequent mental health crisis; ‘love’ has potential as a underpinning concept to inform system design. We are exploring how a relationship ontology could ground people’s physical and emotional needs in systems that support social and environmental solutions.

All Visioning Lab projects are collaborations with interested individuals / organisations. If this sound interesting to you, please get in touch


Visioning Lab run futures thinking workshops and projects aimed at stimulating the imagination to ask what is next, who is shaping it, how can under-represented groups play a role?

3D Flood Games project

Visioning Lab launched a collaboration with flood experts and technologies on how to incorporate real-life flooding data into 3D game/world building environments. We are interested in how 3D virtual models can support flood stakeholder decision making AND provide learning about flood events as entertainment.

The Flood Innovation Panel in West Yorkshire and the Crompton Moor network (First Choice Homes / Oldham Council / City of Trees / Friends of Crompton Moor) were case studies on the project.

AR experiences

Visioning Lab developed and launched PopupView, an augmented reality platform and app for aggregating and showing 3D digital assets and sound via phones and laptops.

Astrojacks Webtoon

Visioning Lab launched two webtoon series pilots, Astrojacks go back to war and Save the last plate for me as entries for the Call to Action competition.

These pilot episodes showcase the story concept and invite interest from producers and directors to develop the idea further.

Digital Storytelling

Visioning Lab developed a series of soundwalks and digital trails telling the history and experiences of Northern England cultural producers

NFT Collection

Visioning Lab launched a NFT series on Known Origin, a popular digital art NFT platform

Artist collaborations: Speak to me, Speke Hall / Folklore trails at Chorlton Arts Festival

Visioning Lab collaborates with artists to use new concepts and technologies to develop their work