Ordinary Ontologies

What’s in a name? Why defining an ontology is worth it

Visioning Lab is using generative AI tools (ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini) to develop ontologies (word libraries) for system development. These ontologies are available free for the basic version and on license for more detailed versions.

Ordinary Ontologies licensing will launch in October 2024

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Metaverse ontology

The vision for a metaverse ontology is that 

– developers will use the ontology as a glossary to define fieldnames and variables when they develop 3D environments 

– generative AI tools will auto-generate metaverse instances using the terms.

This approach allows for interoperability and efficiency – if companies are using the same terms to produce their virtual spaces, they will be able to connect their systems together easily. Since the metaverse is ‘interconnected virtual environments’, standards are critical to its existence.


Draft ‘metaverse’ ontology now available for developers to test and provide feedback. This ontology brings together gaming, AR/VR, immersive, digital twins and the built environment, robotics, IoT and drone/UAV development and incorporates feedback from sector experts including the international Metaverse Standards Forum. For more information, please get in touch.

Disaster ontology

Disaster ontology scoping documents available. We have written several funding applications to support ontologies in the use of disaster terminology particularly in the development of 3D environments and other simulations spaces with an initial focus on flooding. This activity built on our Flood Games Initiative where we explored how to connect flooding and 3D specialists to effectively simulate real-world disasters. These ideas were co-produced with partners from Cityscape Digital, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, Semantic Partners, Designing Buildings Wiki, Architectural Association, Floodskinner and our South Korean colleagues at AMTC.

Relationship ontology

Concept paper on love as a grounding paradigm available. As cultures around the world search for a new path through environmental degradation, social breakdown, constricting technological structures and the consequent mental health crisis; ‘love’ has potential as a underpinning concept to inform system design. We are exploring how a relationship ontology could ground people’s physical and emotional needs in systems that support social and environmental solutions. Research carried out in collaboration with colleagues from University of Vienna and University of East London and presented to the International Institute of Love Studies.

Ontology Pricing

Free version: the top layer of classes and properties of the ontologies are available as open-source

Licensed version: full ontology with relationships and detailed breakdowns of each class/category available under license (POA – not expensive)

Bespoke development: knowledge graphs and APIs based on the ontologies are available from Visioning Lab partners

More information

All Visioning Lab projects are collaborations with interested individuals / organisations. If you’d like to collaborate or gain access to the ontologies, please get in touch (also jessica[at]visioninglab.com)