Research Development

Does this resonate with you about your academic career? If yes, look no further!

“I’m not sure where to start with developing a research project.”
“I need partners for my research project but how do I find them?”
“I want to chat through my research project ideas and funding options with someone”
“Please help me make sense of the research funding application process!”

Visioning Lab are pleased to offer an academic coaching and proposal development service.

We have extensive experience of supporting academics to develop research projects and progress in their academic careers.

Our service is provided by Simon Challis, research grant develoment consultant with 30 years experience from University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and UMIST; and by Dr Jessica Symons, research and development consultant with 30 years experience across public, private, third and academic sectors. More about us

We have designed, developed and raised funding for 100s of research and development projects, applying for over £200 million and raising over £20 million.

Our approach is to understand you first – your priorities and interests – and then co-design research propositions based on your needs and criteria. We provide guidance on how to navigate the labyrinthine systems of academia and public funding including strategies for tackling the challenges of university life. We’ve been there!

Our costs are straightforward – we charge by the hour and will recommend a support package after an initial free consultation with you. This could range from a weekly 1 hour chat over 6 weeks co-developing a strategy for your research plans to an intensive 20 hour week co-editing your funding proposal for submission.

To find out more, please get in touch with Dr Jessica Symons (jessica(at) or book a free consultation directly here and we will get back to you to confirm.