Scientist in Residence

Where do we come from and where are we going?

Come to the Palace of Dreams, aka the Mount in Fleetwood to find out

Visioning Lab’s Director, Dr Jessica Symons, is currently Scientist in Residence at a Victorian pavilion in Fleetwood, a seaside town in Lancashire.

Over 6 months (Sep21-Feb22), she will be collaborating with locals and visitors to run events, workshops and dropin sessions exploring the theme ‘Where do we come from and where are we going?’

All times are 3-5pm and location at The Mount in Fleetwood unless otherwise indicated.

2nd-3rd Sept – The Palace of Dreams

The Mount is a place to come and declare your aspirations, hopes and dreams. People are invited to declare their hopes by writing them on a card and taking a stone or shell as a reminder of their aspiration. This way the Mount acts as a way of remembering what their hopes are, every time they look at it.

15th Sept – Mapping the beach

What does a square metre of stones and shells at the beach contain? Finding out using identification reference books. See the Twitter thread

16th Sept – Mapping the Mount

Making a map of the area around the Mount using estimates.

29-30th Sept – Mapping Memories with Fleetwood Museum

Finding out people’s memories of the mount and what it means to them in collaboration with the museum. See Twitter thread

6-7th Oct – Machines, mechanisms and movement

Using the clock and wind monitoring device upstairs at the Mount as starting point for conversation about machines, mechanisms and movement – how do they work and who knows about them. Fleetwood residents and visitors are invited to bring their own objects to show and tell on how they work.

20th-21st Oct – Tides, wind and navigation 

Seeking understanding on the tides, wind and navigation in the bay. The history of its surveying and the people involved. Fleetwood residents and visitors are invited to share their stories of sailing and following the tidal flows of the bay waters

3rd-4th Nov – Boats, ships, ferries and tankers

Considering the different nautical vessels used in the Fleetwood area – from rowing boats to sailing ships, past and present. Display of photographs in dock area. Fleetwood residents and visitors are invited to share their stories of boats, ships, ferries and trawlers.

17th Nov – Marine life in the bay (at Healthier Fleetwood)

What are the shells and stones we find on the beach. Identifying the marine life found in the bay. Fleetwood residents and visitors are invited to come and look at marine creatures and pebbles as well as bringing photos of curious specimens they have found to discover what they are.

18th Nov – Walk to Rossall Point (from outside North Euston hotel)

An outdoor walk along the shore to use our newfound knowledge to identify marine life during a walk to Rossall Point (est 2-3 hours)

1st Dec Where have we come from? (at Healthier Fleetwood)

Wall display at Healthier Fleetwood Affinity outlet of our activities and learning to date

5-6th Jan – Where are we going? How to keep your resolutions

Discussion and review of motivational books and material on how to keep your resolve in the face of adversity

19-20th Jan – Music, maths and space Exploring the relationship between music, maths and space in collaboration with local musicians and astronomers

2nd-3rd Feb – Plants, trees, insects and flowers in Digital

Identifying local plants and trees using Picture This and other mobile phone apps

3rd-18th Feb Exhibition and workshops

Palace of Dreams Exhibition and repeats of favourite workshops