Our Impact

Running a workshop for Women in the Hills and Grasmere Women’s Instiute at the Wordsworth Grasmere

We are proud to work on a diverse range of projects that produce meaningful impacts across communities. 

Jessica presenting ‘Making sense of the Metaverse’

At Coinfest 2021, one of the UK’s biggest crypto conferences, Visioning Lab Founder and Director, Dr Jessica Symons, was invited to host the closing event. Her presentation on Storyworlds and the Metaverse was received well by the community and helped contribute towards the diversity of the programme.

Our Architecture Designer, Jiahua Dong, built a 3D environment of The Smiths’ room for Salford Lads Club. The server, developed in the Mozilla Hubs software, is part of a wider initiative to enable fans across the world to visit the site, whilst also ensuring continuity during the pandemic.