Press Release: Visioning Lab launches Folklore trail for Chorlton Arts Festival

Visioning Lab are delighted to announce the launch of an augmented reality and audio trail entitled, ‘The Other Folk of Chorlton Woods’ that debuts this Friday and marks the beginning of the 2021 Chorlton Arts Festival. We’d love you to join us as we venture into Chorlton Ees to uncover the magical creatures that lurk amongst us. 

The new AR and audio experience features artworks by Hannah Mosley and poems by Jessica Symons and explores the tales of UK folklore stories, from the gentle Dun Cow to the deadly Jenny Greenteeth. 

Visioning Lab, founded by Symons, is a creative digital studio in Chorlton, specialising in augmented reality and other emerging technologies. They design cultural experiences such as soundwalks and 3D digital artwork. They recently launched PopupView, a platform for showing augmented reality experiences.

Hannah Mosley is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in Manchester. She became a TikTok sensation recently by drawing 100 characters from British folklore during COVID19 lockdowns. She recently raised £25,000 through Kickstarter to fund a handbound book of illustrations for fans around the world.

To access the augmented reality trail, venture into the woods with your phones and use the Popup View app, available for free from Google Play or the App Store. You can then immerse yourself in the poems and illustrations as walk through the Other Folk’s world and take pictures that you can share across social media. Alternatively, you can listen to the soundwalk using the free app, Echoes, which you can access here

Chorlton Arts is a community-based art initiative aiming to reconnect everything to do with art and the people of Chorlton. They aim to promote art in, by and for the people of Chorlton, irrespective of age, ability or situation; and to assist existing art facilities. They support inclusivity, equality and access for all. The Festival launches on Friday 10th September and runs until 19th September

This year’s festival will host over 925 artists and follows the virtual art festival of 2020 that was made possible by Visioning Lab’s creation of the digital environment Solstice in Mozilla Hubs. As proud sponsors of the much-loved annual festival, we look forward to welcoming you all!

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