Press Release: Birdsong

Visioning Lab is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital nature campaign, Birdsong. This experience leverages creative tools and innovative technologies, such as augmented reality, and aims to help people improve their birdsong recognition. 

The Birdsong campaign, produced by Unity Developer Roxanne Yates, features a number of popular birds across the UK, including the robin, woodpecker, sparrow, kingfisher and many, many more. It is available to use on both phones and tablet devices from Google Play or App Store. This can then be used in a variety of contexts, including walking trails, visitor centres, museums and galleries and games for educational purposes. 

This experience was inspired by the birds of Fletcher Moss in South Manchester, a botanical garden established in 1919. A signature component of the park is a building known as The Croft, where the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was founded by Emily Williamson in 1889. The impact of the RSPB formation remains to this day, with the gardens serving as a popular wildlife habitat and nature reserve.

Visioning Lab, founded by Jessica Symons, is a creative digital studio South Manchester, specialising in augmented reality and other emerging technologies. They design cultural experiences such as soundwalks and 3D digital artwork. They recently launched PopupView, a platform for showing augmented reality experiences.

This exciting new experience can be used from the comfort of your own home. To do this simply find the trigger images on the Popup View website and use the app to select the ‘Birdsong’ campaign. For here you can point your phone at the images and unlock the bird and its respective song.

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