Immersive Northwest Network

Visioning Lab convenes the Immersive Northwest network of artists, freelancers and organisations making immersive content in the NW England region.

We discuss the challenges involved in developing immersive storytelling and content. People participating in the network include (in alphabetical order):

Mike Armstrong, BBC R&D

Ros Bell, Digilab, University of Manchester

Dr Christophe De Bezenac, Cultural Fellow Leeds & Research Fellow, Liverpool

Phil Birchinall, Director, Inspyro

Keith Brown, Artist & MMU Professor of Sculpture

Peter Caddock, Head of VR at Immotion

Phil Charnock, Co-Founder, Draw & Code

Jacki Clarke, Fine Art and Printmaking

Professor Ricardo Climent, Director of the NOVARS Research Centre and Head of Composition

Marsha Courneya, Writer,

Isabelle Croissant, Programme Manager, HOME

Hongshuo Fan, Musician and PhD researcher, University of Manchester,

Ian Forrester, BBC R&D

Louise Hargreaves, AND Festival

Dr David Jackson Research Fellow at MMU

Dave Lynch, Artist, Creative Director

Simon Mabey, Director, Digital Urban

Keith Myers, artist & creative director

Sumit Sarkar, Artist

Esther Simpson, artist and storyteller,

Chris Sizemore, Co-founder, Limina Immersive

Alasdair Swenson, Artist & Research Associate at MMU

Dr Jessica Symons, Founder, Visioning Lab & Honorary Research Fellow at University of Manchester

Peter Woodbridge, Co-founder VR company & Researcher at Liverpool John Moores,

Should you be in this network? If so, get in touch